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Open to Location: This position can work remote and reside anywhere in the US.

The SDM’s area of responsibility is to manage and ensure implementation of support tasks as well as projects with existing customers (Operations). This complies with the agreements that are linked to the individual customers, as well as to achieve the Columbus targets for Profit and Customer Satisfaction, for each Customer.
The employee works as part of the Customer Operations team, focusing on expanding Columbus's business and earnings on the portfolio of existing customers. Thus, it involves managing and developing support agreements and projects with customers.

As a SDM, the working time will be as follows, according to the following distribution:
80% Management of support assignments and projects related to customer projects
10% Sales and promotional work
10% Administration
Time for self-training and personal development are allocated on ad-hoc bases in collaboration with the nearest manager.

Duties & Responsibilities:

In general:

  • Independently perform assigned work as optimally as practically possible and in accordance with the rules, policies and procedures / methods of the Group, the company, the department and the team at any time
  • Lead and ensure completion of activities / subprojects in accordance with the agreements that are attached to the individual tasks and projects in the most optimal and effective manner, as well as contribute to achieving the goals set by Columbus for the project, including profit targets and customer satisfaction goals
  • Contribute to business development in optimizing existing and establishment of new business processes related to service delivery management, as well as ensuring compliance with other processes and methods in Columbus
  • Generally contribute to internal knowledge sharing
  • Participation in the sales process in connection with the preparation of offers, estimation of assignments, allocation of resources, establishment of business case, customer presentations and contract negotiation
  • Continuously inform the immediate superior about ongoing activities
  • Searching and sales work on existing Operations customers
  • Work in relation to managing and ensuring the completion of tasks and sub-projects
  • Set goals and success criteria for the assignment / project with the customer
  • Ensure an alignment of expectations with the customer
  • Secure customer acceptance (written) for all deliveries
  • Preparation and maintenance of project plan
  • Plan, manage, coordinate, control and implement own projects ongoing and planned activities, including follow-up of time consumption, revenue and coverage
  • Ensure optimal contractual basis through participation in sales work and negotiation with the customer
  • Ensure a general compliance with company standards
  • Ensure that contract, schedule, budget, quality level and scope are complied with
  • Ensure that the service delivery management team performs agreed services at the agreed time and price at any time
  • Handling of administrative tasks in connection with tasks / projects
  • Ensure documentation of the task / project activities in accordance with the agreement and internal processes
  • Ensure that relevant methods and standards are applied (including the use of ITIL and SureStep+)
  • Organization of internal and external project meetings
  • Follow-up on the individual sub-tasks and on activities and sub-projects as a whole
  • Ongoing secure status information for the task / project stakeholders (including participants, internal and external management)
  • Make satisfaction about the efforts of your own person as well as the team's efforts towards the customer and the closest leader
  • Sparring with the customer throughout the process

Project Economy:

  • Compile budgets for own tasks, customer contracts and projects
  • Comply with assigned budgets in relation to revenue and coverage
  • Ensure realistic estimation of the tasks and projects as well as their sub-tasks
  • Minimize and avoid loss of customer contracts
  • Increase revenue and GM on tasks and projects in relation to the allocated budgets to the extent possible

Project Teams:

  • Compose project teams in cooperation with management and ensure timely that the project team is adapted to the project's resource needs
  • Lead and distribute work on support tasks and projects
  • Ensure that project staff are aware of their duties and responsibilities
  • Ensure commitment, work ethic, motivation and cooperation during the assignment / project
  • Be the sparring partner for the project participants
  • Create satisfaction in the team about both their own and team efforts
  • Assist in the training of new colleagues


Full-Time Benefits:

Columbus offers a competitive benefits package to all full-time employees. This package includes Health, Life, Dental Insurance, Short and Long Term Disability, in addition to, paid vacation, sick leave, holidays, and 401(k).


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